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    STARLET - 1 Bedroom Mini Flat

    Thoughtfully designed for smart and upwardly mobile professionals whose job requires that they transit from one city to another or young couples who are just starting out in life; Starlet represents speed and freedom of movement. Tastefully designed 1 Bedroom apartment with rich functional spaces.



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    PEAR - 2 Bedroom Bungalow

    Pear inspires freshness, joy and peace of mind. Pear is a two (2) bedroom detached bungalow (all ensuite). This standalone jewel fulfils the dream of an upwardly mobile executive or young family seeking effervescent joy.



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    APPLE I - 3 Bedroom Bungalow

    Apple represent magic, youth, beauty and happiness. Apple is a 3Bedroom Bungalow (all en-suite). This residential haven is an architectural pies for young family seeking for a space that represents tranquility. Apple connects family to a world of freshness, originality and well balanced ventilated abode.



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    APPLE II- 3 Bedroom Bungalow

    Apple represents magic, youth, beauty, and happiness. Apple is a 3 bedroom Bungalow (all en-suite). This residential haven is an architectural piece for young family seeking for a space that represents tranquility. Apple connects family to a world of freshness, originality and well balanced ventilated abode.



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    PINE - 4 Bedroom Duplex

    Pine, a tree of creativity, longevity, immortality and life. Pine is a 4 Bedroom Residential Duplex (all en-suite). A modern approach to architectural design gives Pine all the attributes of a complete package. Large airy rooms, high quality finishes, and premium fixtures are standard features of Pine.



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    PALM - 5 Bedroom Duplex

    Palm symbolizes peace and opportunity. In our world, it announces a popular feature of family living on vacation. Palm is a pictorial design of your home; where your heart is. This haven promotes unmatched views outside. The Palm is an ideal place to spend quality time with family and close allies.



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    Front Elevation - Mayors Court, Lekki

    The Mayors Court development is meticulously designed to offer a dream lifestyle. Sprawled across 3,299.033SQM, the development is a luxury redefined. This icon development is designed for the upward mobile executives of the multinationals with preference for comfort blend with peace of mind without compromising stable and valuable investment returns.



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    Recreational Centre - Mayors Court, Lekki

    Homeowners of Mayors Court will enjoy exclusive use of their own grand facilities such as gated unit with attached security house, a sit-out pent floor, drive-in covered car park, private parking area for 3 cars, built-in private courtyard and cross ventilation rooms. The outdoor communal garden area features a large outdoor children playground, seating areas, basketball court, gym and walking area.




As the nation’s capital begins to witness upward surge in the population and the city available facilities stretch beyond limit couple with the nation’s housing deficit continual increase at geometric proportion without corresponding efforts by the government to curb the menace, it becomes necessary for private developers to proactively come up with a workable plans to curb the imminent danger set to explode.Designed to cater for diverse classes of people, Highland Estate is being built on a foundation of design principles that are exclusive to the project.Highland Estate is designed to offer affordable living experience, in a friendly community. A mixed-use development spread over acreage of lushly landscaped property. Highland Estate on completion will accommodate Residential, Commercial and Retail components. PROJECT TIME TABLE
Highland Estate will be executed in three phases;


Project Phase

Project Description

Delivery Date

Project Guide


Phase 1

Land Acquisition Scheme

12 months

Sales of land


Phase 11

Infrastructure Development

6 months

Provision of Infrastructures
within the Estate


Phase 111

Housing Development Scheme

24 months

Construction of Housing Units






Highland Estate Land Acquisition Scheme (LAS)

Platform to own plot of land at flexible payment options.

Standard plot (648 square meters) .. | Learn more |


Highland Estate Infrastructure Development Scheme (IDS)

Provision of infrastructure for the smooth running of the estate. .. | Learn more |


Highland Estate Housing Development Scheme (HDS)

Construction of housing units.


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  • Apple House

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  • Pine House

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  • Palm House

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